August 27, 2009

Cameron Crowe Directs New Pearl Jam video

For my money Cameron Crowe directed the greatest movie about rock and roll ever with Almost Famous. (Even better is his extended cut that goes by the alternate name Untitled. You can grab it on DVD and it's highly recommended.) Crowe also wrote the script for Fast Times At Ridgemont High, a high school classic, made his directorial debut with the excellent John Cusack flick Say Anything and wrote and directed Jerry Maguire, which I think is one of Tom Cruise's best performances. However, much like my previous post about John Landis, who started off making fantastic movies only to lose that spark and fizzle out, Crowe has hit a dry run after making some truly great movies.

His next project, following the incredibly underwhelming Elizabethtown, is called Deep Tiki and is described as a "Hawaiian adventure romantic comedy" (which makes me think of the loathsome Joe vs. the Volcano.) That film recently saw its start date pushed back to 2010, freeing up Crowe's schedule, which has allowed him to direct the new video for Pearl Jam. Crowe, of course, has a history with the band. His 1992 flick Singles was set in Seattle and had Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder cameoing as a drummer.

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