August 1, 2009

My Nightmarish Past Set To A Nice Beat

So we've all done things in our past that we're not particularly proud of, and I'm no different. Confession time: I used to work at Rogers Sportsnet. Among the many soul-deadening tasks I performed there was "cutting post sound." That consists of grabbing a locked off shot of a press conference where a bunch of athletes speak in their own secret cliche language and attempting to find 20 seconds or so of them actually saying something that someone might give a shit about. After a very short time, everybody sounds exactly the same and says, seemingly, the same things. Finding moments that people would actually want to watch is incredibly difficult, but because the network pays to have a camera there or to access that feed, they're gonna use something from there no matter what. Rarely, and I mean like Hayley's Comet rare, someone actually says something of interest in these things. Or, even better, someone just freaks out. The above clip includes a few of those occasions from when I actually worked at the Net. It also manages to make the entire post-game sound thing totally entertaining, which I was never able to do during my time working in sports TV.

Kudos to Curtis (who also worked at Sportsnet, and aided in my escape) from the Relentless Radio Show, (Wednesday's at 7pm on Sirus 98) for showing me this clip. The DJ that put this together is named Steve Porter. Check him out at his website

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