September 21, 2009

Best Movie Junket Ever!

This is a brilliant movie junket. As someone who's done a lot of junkets; I have mad respect for this guy being able to pull off not just ignoring Megan Fox during a junket for her movie, but taking it to the next level of calling her out for being "distracting" and having her wear a bag over her head.

Even better, not only do they not talk about Jennifer's Body, but toward the end of the interview, he asks them "what movie is this for?" And when he's told it's Jennifer's Body, he casually looks over his shoulder at the movie poster as if he's never even hear of it. Bravo sir, well played.

Amazingly, despite this excellent promotion, the film totally tanked this weekend at the box office opening in fifth place with just $6.8 million. Ouch.

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