September 30, 2009

Michael Myers Inc. Shut Down At Last? Nope.

I just read over at /Film that the Weinstien company just pulled the plug on the recently announced Halloween 3D citing concerns over the small window of time they would have to make the film and hit the annoucned release date. It's interesting to note that the film has been shutdown though the plug hasn't been officially pulled, it's just no longer slated for next October. Halloween 3D was to be directed by My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier and scripted by that films writer Todd Farmer. (Farmer also scripted Jason X, the Friday the 13th sequel that sent Jason to space. Shudder.) I think it's funny that after putting out a string of really shitty sequels and then a crappy remake followed by lousy sequel, now the production company is suddenly concerned about the quality of the films being compromised?

I absolutely adore John Carpenter's Halloween. I think it's a brilliant horror film that was very influential and holds up very well today and also it's undeniable that Michael Myers is a true icon of horror films. But really, enough is enough. Let's just shut the series down altogether, once and for all. There hasn't been a decent Halloween film since 1988's Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. The first batch of endless sequels at least stemmed from a really good, classic horror film. But Zombie's lame reboot doesn't warrant even a fraction of the same respect in the horror world, so let's stop beating this dead horse, okay? It's over.

Well, no, they won't. Halloween II, which didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was released at the end of this summer, is being re-released in October (gee, what a novel marketing idea!) to see if it can round up a few more bucks for the embattered Weinstein Company. Maybe after that Michael Myers can finally rest in peace.

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