October 29, 2009

Extended "Avatar" Trailer Now Online

The full trailer for Avatar, James Cameron's 12-years-in-the-making follow up to the Academy Award winning Titanic has arrived online. The film, when seen in theatres, will be in 3D, so we're not getting the full effect of the visuals for this movie; but much of the time spent between features for Cameron was allowing the technology catch up with his vision for the film. Cameron has been open about the fact that he's designed this film to be a spectacle that will lure people back to the theatres after seeing an increasing shift to people watching movies at home. The film is intended to be seen in IMAX and in 3D, so it's tough to gauge, from this trailer, what the film will really be like.

On the topic of Avatar and Cameron; things are not rosy, and not just because some fanboys on the internet didn't get sufficently blown away by the trailer. Cameron was recently hit with a plagiarism suit by author Poul Anderson who claims Avatar is awfully similar to his 1957 sci-fi novel Call Me Joe. Anderson's story is about a paraplegic who telepathically connects with a an artificially created life form in order to explore a harsh and unforgiving planet and soon finds himself being drawn more and more into his artificial life at the expense of his real one. If this sounds vaguely familar, that's because it also happens to be the plot of Avatar. After the release of The Terminator, James Cameron's break through film, he was also sued for plagiarism because the plot of that film closely resembled two episodes of The Outer Limits. While Cameron settled out of court, the fact that the man who sued him now his name on the credits of The Terminator certainly paints a clear picture of who "won."

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