October 10, 2009

Meet Your King: Max Records, the human star of "Where the Wild Things Are"

'Where the Wild Things Are' Exclusive Inside Look
Here's a cool little video (click the little picture) that focuses on Max Records, the (now) 12 year old star of Where the Wild Things Are. In my review of the film, I singled out his excellent performance as the "heart" of the story, and this video shows the effort Jonze putting into finding the young actor for this role, and also the incredible experience shooting this movie was for him, and the relationship the director and youngster forged while making the flick. There's also a lot of funny stuff with Max's younger brother, who got to hang around on the set thoughout production. In the summer of 1979, I spent the summer on the set of Bill Murray's first film Meatballs. (My older brother played a camper in the film.) Watching this video, I was reminded of many of those experiences and how mind-blowing a film set can be to a young child.

This is a really great little video, and it won't spoil the film for those that haven't seen it. Check it out, and my apologies for the brief commercial you'll have to endure first.

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