November 28, 2009

JB Smoove Interviews JB Smoove

This season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which just ended last week, was absolutey fantastic. All of the press about this season centered around the plot line that saw star Larry David script a Seinfeld reuinion episode which led to many of the actors from the series playing themselves on the show within the show.

As great as all of that was - and it was pretty terrific, hilighted by learning that George Costanza had become a multi-millionaire inventing the iToliet, an iPhone application that told the user where the nearest public toliet was, only to lose all the money to Bernie Madoff - my favorite character on the show has always been Leon Black who's played by comedian/actor J.B. Smoove. He had some hilarious moments this season, but none will top when his entire family moved out of Larry's house following a felattio related misunderstanding - it happens - but Leon just casually headed upstairs to his room cementing him as Larry's rent-free roommate for life.

Check out the video above where J.B. interviews J.B. As funny as J.B. is in this; the funniest part is how truly awful the sight-line for the J.B. on the left is, which instantly shatters the illusion that they are in the same room.

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