November 20, 2009

Lusty Legos

When I was a kid I loved Lego. I had a massive Lego town in the basement that sprawled off of a big work table, spilling over onto counters in the basement kitchen. The town was so big that it had it's own airport (with full terminal) two police stations, two fire stations, a little sub-division of homes, a movie studio, a hockey arena (home of the Legoland Killers) and the occasional mansion. I was a very easy child to buy for. If it was Christmas or my birthday you could never go wrong giving me Lego. Every block I had was used in my ever-expanding Lego city.

I thought I was awfully creative with the things I built in my lego city, but in the hours and hours of time I spent playing Lego, it never occurred to me that Lego could be used to create naked ladies. Looking back, I'm kind of ashamed that I never figured this out. Check out these brilliant examples of what I should have been doing.

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