November 4, 2009

Try and Match This, iTunes!

German industrial metal band Rammstein have revealed their upcoming album Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da in a special edition boxset that comes with a special metal case that holds a pair of handcuffs, a bottle of lube, and, of course, six pink dildos cast from the actual band members.... members.

At a time when the music industry is becoming digital and the need for consumers to have a physical copy of an album in their hands is becoming and antiquated notion; bravo to these gentlemen for finding a good reason to make me head to the record store. 'Cause as great as listening to this industrial metal album would be, I'm sure it would be even better if I was listening to it while pleasuring myself and pretending it's the bassist ravaging me. Meow.

Their first single off the record is called 'Pussy.' In case you think this is just a crass, desperate attempt to be "edgy," let me clarify that they are actually insanely talented. The chorus is "You've got a pussy / I've got a dick / so what's the problem / let's do it quick." See? Brilliant! (By the way, this track was Rammstein's first number one single in their native Germany.) The video - which is pretty mind blowing and clearly not safe for work - is the first video I've ever seen that instead of just showing the band performing the song shows the band performing the song and having sex. Check it out here, but you've been warned.