December 7, 2009

Michael Bay Directs a Victoria's Secret Commercial

Uber-hack filmmaker Michael Bay (photographed above looking incredibly douchey) has directed a television commercial, for, what else, Victoria's Secret. Will likely have to wait several years, but someone will write an unauthrorized biography of Bay somewhere down the road, and I'm sure there will be plenty of sleazy stories abut the Bay on the set of this absurd commercial. Commercials are the perfect medium for Bay because they are all about flash, sizzle and don't require things like a good script or character development. Essentially, exactly like Bay's shitty films. The commercial, of course, is amazing. It's everything you'd expect from a Michael Bay film. Tons of scantily clad women that are only there for eye-candy; a throbbing, shitty musical score; a gratuitous, non-sensical helicopter shot; balls of fire shooting in the air for no good reason; everyone that appears in the commercial seems to be standing next to a wind machine; there are knives being thrown at the ladies and, of course, a massive explosion, because Michael Bay doesn't direct anything without a huge explosion in it. This honestly looks like Michael Bay parodying himself. Check out his masterpiece below:

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