December 17, 2009

Christmas Comes Early

Wild Hogs was an incredibly shitty, formulaic Disney turd that somehow managed to make enough money that the mouse house pretty quickly greenlit a sequel. The movie told the story of a group of middle-aged men that went on a bonding road trip on their Harely's and ended up getting into all sorts of family friendly shenanigans. While the script for the film was truly awful, it was taken to new lows by the awful cast which included two men I've never found remotely funny, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen, and one man who hasn't made a good movie in over a decade, John Travolta, and finally, it included William H. Macy, a great actor who must have needed to make a mortgage payment around the time this script got sent to him. I attempted to watch this movie on a flight from LA with precious little options, but ultimately abandoned it.

Today, over at /Film I read that Disney has officially killed the previously announced sequel. Wild Hogs II: Bachelor Ride; which was supposed to take the biker gang to Europe for what would no doubt have been ninety minutes of more reasons for Europeans to hate Americans has been shitcanned in large part because of the utter failure of the similarly titled Old Dogs, another Disney disaster directed by the man behind Wild Hogs and starring head Hog John Travolta and the loathsome Robin Williams who last good movie was Good Will Hunting back in 1997. Old Dogs, which was DOA upon release has given Disney cause for concern and the results were Williams next film, Wedding Banned, was cancelled last week and now Travolta's Hogs sequel has also been scrapped.

Christmas has come early. Thanks Disney!

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