February 6, 2010

"Aliens" The Rap

This is why I love the internet. Here's a rap song the details that plot of the 1986 James Cameron flick Aliens. And when I say details, I do mean details. This is a ten minute rap that really, thoroughly recaps the movie. While I applaud the nerdy attention to detail that made this thing ten minutes long, I should also point out that at ten minutes, it's really too long for me to actually watch the whole thing. The smile goes away at around the three minute mark and I felt confident that I got the gist of it. That being said, I love seeing shit like this and thinking of that moment of inception. "Hey, what if I wrote a rap about Aliens? That would be awesome!" I think it's probably a very small handful of people that would have that thought, and a much, much smaller group within that group that would actually do it. God bless whoever the crazy bastard is that created this. It's bizarre shit like this that makes the internet great. Well, this and free pornography.

A tip of the cap to Johnny Hockin for bringing this nonsense to my attention.

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