March 8, 2010

David Chase Makes The Leap To The Big Screen

When 'The Sopranos', a show that I loved, literally faded to black back in 2007 I took solace in the fact that it would free up creator David Chase to take his act to the big screen. Now, three years later Chase is ready to make the leap. Chase, who's resumé intriguing really isn't that impressive beyond the game-changing 'Sopranos,' will make his directorial debut with an untitled coming-of-age period piece about a group of guys who form a band. The 60's set tale will also be written and produced by Chase.

I find it interesting that Chase would choose a rock drama for his feature debut. 'The Sopranos' was well known for its extensive and eclectic use of previously recorded music. Chase played a large role in the musical selections, even drawing on the expertise of cast member Steven Van Zandt who, of course, moonlights as the guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I often found the musical choices on the show intriguing and all over the map. Much like its HBO brethren 'Entourage,' the show always used the end credits as a bed for a recorded track, often nailing the mood, tone or essence of the episode, or, at the very least, the closing scene in the song. Much was made of the finale for the show, and now I can't hear Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" without thinking of Tony Soprano in that diner.

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