March 9, 2010

Great News: "Community" Back for Season Two!

In the clip above, 'Community' creator and executive producer Dan Harmon lets his cast know the fate of the show for season two. Keep your eye on Chevy Chase who is clearly ecstatic about the news. Or asleep, I'm unsure, either way, he's absolutely brilliant in the show and hard on the comeback trail. I've talked about my love for this show before, but despite heady praise from yours truly it's still not reaching a huge audience. NBC, in the past, has shown patience with comedies and let them slowly build their audience (like 'The Office') or remain a critical darling with smaller then they'd like but still very respectable numbers. (like '30 Rock') I was very pleased to hear that 'Community' officially got picked up for another season, cause the last time I loved an underdog comedy like this it was Fox's 'Undeclared,' a brilliant comedy series from Judd Apatow that starred Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen and got axed after just one season despite being easily the funniest show on television. More people need to check out 'Community.' It's truly a funny, funny show and part of its appeal is how many comedic weapons it has. The cast, from top to bottom is so solid that regardless who the story is about each given week, you're given a solid comedic actor delivering gold. Not like a "Phoebe" episode of 'Friends' where you just kind of wish they aired a re-run instead. 'Community,' for my money, is the funniest show on television right now (and yes, I've watched 'Modern Family', which is also good, but quite simply not as funny as this show.)

Below is the end credits sequence from the last episode of 'Community.' A brilliant Bert & Ernie parody. Check it out:

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