March 9, 2010

What Happened To "The Office?"

'The Office' is having a very rough season. The quality of that show has simply plummeted this year. It seems each episode has a new gimmick - Jim and Pam get married! Michael and Jim are both managers! Kathy Bates is the guest star! Michael goes back to sales! Jim and Pam have a baby! - and they are doing all of this while shamelessly recycling the salesman has a crush on the receptionist plot that they milked for seasons with Pam and Jim. Enough of the gimmick plots, enough of the lazy writing and enough of selling out the characters they've carefully constructed. Last weeks episode, where Pam gives birth, simply betrayed the characters of Jim and Pam to push forward an absurd plot that saw her nearly give birth at the office itself. Suddenly Jim and Pam were incredibly stupid, because it was required for the plot. When shows start requiring all of the characters act like morons in order to make the plots work, you know you're in trouble. I didn't foresee this show falling so far so fast. Very disappointing.

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  1. Well I disagree about the baby episode (I thought it was the strongest of the season), I completely agree about the series in general. In fact, I've felt this way since last season. What used to be one of my favourite shows is now all but off my radar.