April 11, 2010

EW's Picture of the new Freddy Krueger

Here is the image of Freddy Krueger - as played by Jackie Earl Hayley - from the new A Nightmare on Elm Street. I recently posted about this image; and my disappointment in the "new" look recently, but I couldn't find the picture in question online. Now I have. This photo of Mr. K is significant because it's the first "promo" pic of the new Krueger. The few images of him that have leaked out up to now have been images from the film itself, and the lighting has often been shadowy and not allowed a good look at the final makeup and look.

The best way to sum up my thoughts on the look is this: If I was at a Halloween party, and someone showed up like this, I would say it's a good costume, and pretty detailed, but something just isn't right.

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