April 9, 2010

Spike Jonze Teams Up With Arcade Fire

Director Spike Jonze is shooting another short film, currently in pre-production in Austin, Texas, that will tell the story of "friends growing apart" according to a report on /Film. Details are still murky but the film is said to be a collaboration with Arcade Fire. Jonze used the Arcade Fire track 'Wake Up' for the first trailer for his Where the Wild Things Are last year. As much as I loved his film - and I truly loved it - the biggest emotional response I got from the material was the very first viewing of the trailer and how well the Arcade Fire track worked with the imagery and the emotion of the story. When the song kicked in, and it was so pitch perfect to the mood and tone of my recollections of the book it just seemed ... perfect.

I'm very intrigued by the notion of the band working together with Jonze on a short, though right now the role they are playing - are they involved in the story? Are they appearing in it? Providing original music? - is, at this time, totally unclear. Last year Jonze collaborated with Kanye West for the strange - and wonderful - short film We Were Once A Fairytale. Check out the flick below. I think it's the most honest, real representation of Kanye West - and the battle he wages with his overblown (dare I saw overbearing?) public persona and the "real" version of him, whatever that may be.

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