April 25, 2010

Speaking of "Fake" 3D...

I just posted about my disappointment in Michel Gondry's The Green Lantern going the post-production 3D conversion route and now comes news Samuel Bayer, who's making his directorial debut with the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, refused to have his film converted.  /Film has a quote from Bayer (originally published in the Los Angeles Times) stating "This film was shot in 2-D and was meant to be shown in 2-D."

It would have been a shame to have had this flick post-converted because a movie like this is all about the atmosphere, the lighting and the art direction and much of that would get lost or muddied to needlessly three dimensionalize a movie that was never intended to be shown that way.   Bayer went on to say "Just like I don't want to see a lot of great movies remade, I don't want to see a lot of them in 3-D"   It seems Mr. Bayer either forgot that he's making his debut with a remake or he doesn't think the original is a "great movie."

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