May 24, 2010

Bay Silences The Critics

Uber-hack director Michael Bay has silenced his critics in the fallout of his alleged firing of Megan Fox from Transformers 3.  A name has already surfaced as a replacement, and that name is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  Who, you ask?  Why she's a Victoria's Secret lingerie model, of course!  (check out the video above, a commercial for Agent Provocateur, to see her qualifications to star in Michael Bay movie.)  Bay, who took great offense to the remarks that Fox made, among them that she was merely eye-candy in the movie and that Bay's flicks weren't really about acting in the first place, will now silence critics by hiring a non-actor in a major role who's only qualification is that she looks fantastic.   If there's any truth to this rumor Bay is only adding ammunition to his critics; not to mention re-affirming what Megan Fox said in the first place.   What a tool.  Imagine you're Frances McDormand or John Malkovich, two truly skilled actors who inexplicably signed on for this piece of shit, and you see your director casting a lingerie model in one of the lead roles.  That can't be filling them with confidence for this project. It's worth noting that Bay directed a Victoria's Secret commercial (of course he did!) that I think Huntington-Whitely appeared in. Bay, being a massive douchebag, found a way to work in a helicopter into a few shots.  In a lingerie ad.  He has a helicopter hovering behind women in lingerie; proving that he's a one-trick pony as a filmmaker. Anyway, take a look and let me know if you spot her, you can say it's 'research.'  I think that is her at the thirty second mark, sprawling on a table in a pink bra and panty combo.   Clearly, from that shot alone Bay was aware that she could deliver the multi-faceted performances he deamands from his actresses: she was lying there and looking at the camera; two things at once, just like in Bay's films, where you have to run and scream.

Here's Bay's absurd Victoria's Secret commercial:

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