May 2, 2010

Obama Rips Leno

I think Jay Leno is a douchebag.  Let's just get that out of the way right off the top.  I've never been a fan of his.  I've never found his stand up funny and I thought he did a lousy job on 'The Tonight Show.'  I've literally never seen him do an interview that was anything other then an exercise in PR.    It often seemed like after he finished his monolouge, he sort of thought his job on 'The Tonight Show' was pretty much done for the night.   Needless to say, after his classless bum rush to take back 'The Tonight Show' gig, my opinion of him fell even lower.

Leno was just at the White House for the Correspondents Dinner last night, and before he went up to the podium the best jokes of the night we're delivered by President Barack Obama who took aim at Leno.  "I am glad that the only person who ratings fell more than mine is here tonight.  Great to see you, Jay."  After mocking the lousy 'Jay Leno Show' and its even lousier ratings, Obama switched gears and targeted Leno's back room dealings that saw him oust Conan O'Brien from the 'Tonight Show' chair so he himself could resume the hosting gig.  "I'm also glad that I'm speaking first - because we've all seen what happens when somebody takes the time slot after Leno."


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