June 15, 2010

Bad Plan

The 1959 sci-fi/horror flick Plan 9 From Outer Space is widely regarded as the worst film ever made.  Incompotently directed by the deeply weird Ed Wood who, besides cinema counted transvestism and angora sweaters among his deepest passions.  The brilliant 1994 biography Ed Wood, from director Tim Burton, celebrates the filmmaker as a man who deeply loved everything about making movies, he just wasn't any good at it.   His filmography lists many films, but his masterpiece, of course, was Plan 9 which "starred" Bela Lugosi despite the fact he had died three years before the movie was made and the bulk of his role was performed by a stand in who also happened to be Wood's dentist.  In the early 80's, the movie was officially given it's title as "The Worst Movie Ever Made" by critic Michael Medved and soon the movie was reborn as a cult classic and a popular draw at revue cinemas.  Now, a new generation can experience it’s incredible crappiness.  A colorized print of the movie is being post-converted into 3D and the movie will return to theatres, billed as Plan 9 From Outer Space… Now in 3D!  This means, of course, that Plan 9 From Outer Space is no longer the worst movie ever made.  The new film to claim the title is Plan 9 From Outer Space…Now in 3D!

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