July 17, 2010

Sink the Pink

Pink turned a lot of heads at this years Grammy Award's when she performed 'Glitter in the Air ' while dangling high above the stage in a harness.   Perhaps she'll reconsider incorporating the high-wire act in her show after an accident during a performance in Germany on Thursday.  Pink was to be secured into her harness but two of her dancers, but she wasn't properly fastened in and instead she, and one of the girls that was supposed to have secured her, got mowed off the stage.   Pink got swept off the stage and crashed - with a thud - into the barricade that seperates the crowd from the stage.  The hilight of the video for me is Pink's comment moments after the crash. "Oh, fuck that hurt like a motherfucker."  Then she tagged it with "Sorry for cursing."  Pink didn't finish the show, instead heading to the hopsital, where, because it's 2010, she tweeted updates, which included "I made that barricade my bitch."   This accident illustrated what we already know about her: she legitimately sings her songs.  Had this accident happened at a Britney Spears concert, I suspect the track would be blaring for a few seconds after she crashed to the ground.  

Check out the video of the debacle below.  The video runs almost three minutes, but after Pink takes out her dancer, crashes to the ground and delivers her classic profanity riddled line there's not much more to see (she bails on the opposite side of the stage then the camera is on, so once she bails, you don't see her anymore until the very end of the video when she emerges back on stage, so after the tumble you can turn off without missing anything entertaining.