August 6, 2010

$15,000 Budget for A Monster Movie?







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Monsters is an upcoming British film about the aftermath of a large scale alien outbreak on earth after a Nasa vessel, containing an alien life form, crashes in the Gulf of Mexico upon re-entry causing an outbreak that spawns massive octopus like alien creatures that soon wrecks havoc on earth.  The result is a the US and Mexican military staging a massive assault in an effort to contain the situation.  The events of the movie takes place six years after the initial crash with a large chunk of the US and parts of Mexico considered infected areas with monsters running amok and stability not fully restored.   The film shows two people traveling through the infected area trying to get to safety and despite the large scale scope of the story, the critically acclaimed project (which has already screened at South By South West and the Cannes Film Festival) was shot for the paltry budget of just $15,000 by a crew of two; the director who doubled as the camera person and his sound guy.  Check out the video above to see how they managed to pull this off.  Monsters arrives in theaters October 29th.

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