August 2, 2010

'Entourage' Thespians

Tonight's episode of 'Entourage' will surely earn somebody an Emmy 'cause never before has there been so much acting talent assembled for a single television episode.   Despite the regular cast, who are sometimes guilty of delivering clunker performances themselves - I'm looking at you Adrian Grenier - the supporting cast tonight boasted a veritable who's who of acting.  "Iron" Mike Tyson appeared, as himself, and delivered a much more convincing performance then he did in his Hangover cameo - and did so without the crutch of classic Phil Collins - but it wasn't just Tyson... he had plenty of company in the cameo department.   Noted thespian Aaron Sorkin appeared, as himself, and comic book legend Stan Lee delivered a quasi realistic performance... playing himself.   But they didn't stop there... Jessica Simpson cameoed, playing herself as did porn starlet Sasha Grey.  Bob Saget also appeared, as himself, but somehow I think the real Bob Saget isn't as awesome as his 'Entourage' self.   Usually peppering a show with that many non-actors (I'm aware that Saget is an actor, but I so loathe his body of work I do so begrudgingly) would be disastrous but it turned out surprisingly well.  While Stan Lee was wooden, Sorkin fared better then his previous performance on the show and Jessica Simpson is better playing herself then Daisy Duke, though I'm not sure that's a compliment.  Tyson was actually funny and was part of the best scene in the episode in an exchange with Jeremy Piven.  Sasha Grey was given multiple scenes and not only delivered a credible performance - certainly on par with the most of the girls that have passed through Vince's bed on the show - but she actually created a likable, interesting character, and she kept her clothes on while doing it.   If you told me Sasha Grey's first episode of 'Entourage' would feature a sexy lingerie scene that may well be the hottest in the show's history, I wouldn't  be surprised.   But finding out that scene was played by 40-year old Perrey Reeves - Mrs. Ari - and not Miss Grey, was certainly a surprise.   This woman should put out an exercise video.  Wow.


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