August 15, 2010

Drew Struzan Doc On The Way

It's strange that I stumbled upon this trailer for an upcoming documentary about movie poster illustrator Drew Struzan because I was just talking a few weeks ago about how modern-day movie posters are so lame compared to the stuff from the 1980's that I grew up with.   In the 80's, in the era before Photoshop (gasp!) movie posters were often works of art rather then a series or promotional photography airbrushed together with a name slapped on it.  In that era, many posters were hand rendered, and the vast majority of the really good ones were courtesy Drew Struzan (who always signed his work with just his first name.)  His work went from respected in the industry to iconic among movie fans in large part because of his association with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  Struzan created the posters for the Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones movies, E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial and the Back to the Future trilogy.   He also created the artwork for the Police Academy movies, the Cannonball Run films, The Muppet Movie, Blade Runner, The Goonies, First Blood, Big Trouble in Little China, Coming to America  the list goes on and on... Essentially he illustrated the movie posters of my youth.   The upcoming documentary Drew: The Man Behind The Poster will give this anonymous illustrator of my pop culture youth his due.  I look forward to checking this out, and in the meantime, check out some of Drew's iconic work here.

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