November 8, 2010

"Groundhog Day" Remixed

This Groundhog Day "remix" covers pretty much the whole film rather then just an iconic scene or the trailer.  It's very well done, very clever and very thorough.   This is clearly a labor of love, or perhaps obsession, because about a minute into watching this I thought to myself this must have taken months, then learned in fact it took nine.   It was created by HomeStarRunnerTron, who crafted the video in the style of Pogo who's got a few classics of this style of video to his credit.  Visually there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in this flick, but clearly, the stand out here is the music he creates using the samples and cues from the movie and nothing else.  The first time I watched it, I didn't realize until a couple of minutes in that the audio was created exclusively by using the dialog, music and sound effects from the original film.  It needs to really be watched twice to realize the incredible things that HomeStarRunnerTron (that really flows off the tongue, doesn't it?) had done with this.  The level of detail in the work he's done on the music that accompanies the piece is staggering and the editing and story telling is compelling, creative and  encapsulates Groundhog Day perfectly.  The piece is called 'Bing;' named after a line delivered by "Ned Ryerson" in the film, one of the many people Bill Murray's character crosses paths with day after day after day in the movie.

Check out the video below where HomeStarRunnerTron talks about the work that went into creating 'Bing.'

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