August 13, 2009

Custom "This Is Spinal Tap" poster

I've never been to Texas, but I have a friend that has gone to down to Austin a few times and raved about her time there. I've heard many good things about how Alamo is a city with a great arts scene but what really intrigues me about that town is my desire to go to the Alamo Draft House Cinema. The owners have cleverly fused two of my favorite things: movies and beer. Picture a comedy club, with cabaret seating, tables and chairs, waiters bringing you booze and food and, of course, movies. While they started as a revue cinema, they now have locations that show first run movies, however, the Alamo Draft House is known for putting together cool little festivals, themed evenings, director showcases, cult classics, menus designed to compliment the movie showing (I'd advise skipping The Silence of the Lambs) and all kinds of other cool, creative things. One of my favorite little things they do is commission artists to make "custom posters" for classic movies they screen. The above This Is Spinal Tap poster, a film I absolutely love, is a fine example. I was all gung ho to order a print of this poster until a co-worker told me that buying movie posters was for 13 year olds.

Check out more of the custom posters here.

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