October 27, 2009

Shame On You, David Spade

I was a huge fan of Chris Farley, who, despite his immense talent didn't exactly leave behind a legacy of great films. But he did leave one classic for us to enjoy, the 1995 film Tommy Boy. I've seen the film at least ten times, and I still find it absolutely hilarious each time. The chemistry between Farley and his co-star and fellow Saturday Night Live cast mate David Spade is absolutely magical. (And, interestingly, fizzled in their next effort, the woeful Black Sheep.)

Last year I read the excellent biography The Chris Farley Show, which was co-authored by Farely's older brother, and I was surprised to discover that Chris and David Spade - who were always shown in the press as inseparable buddies - had had a falling out before his untimely death and the two were estranged. (They fought over what guys always fight over: a woman.) In light of that revelation, I find this ad particularly tacky. You would think David Spade, who doesn't need the money, would have the good taste to turn down a gig schilling DirectTV in an advertisement that uses footage of his dead friend dancing around and calling himself fat, no? Turns out Spade would rather cash the check. Shameful.

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