November 23, 2009

The Next Big Thing

The short film you see above was made by a Uruguayan filmmaker named Fede Alvarez. Amazingly, he shot this flick for $300 using friends as actors and provided the considerable special effects himself. The film, titled Panic Attack, shows a full-scale alien/giant robot invasion and the considerable destruction they cause. Two weeks ago, Alvarez put the short up on YouTube, and shortly after he began fielding calls from Hollywood ranging from agencies that want to rep him to production companies that want to work with him. His story mirrors Neill Blompkamp's. Blompkamp, the South African filmmaker who exploded onto the scene this summer with the excellent sci-fi flick District 9, was discovered by Peter Jackson in part on the strength of his excellent FX heavy short Alive in Joburg. (You can see that short at the bottom of this post.)

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alvarez is in L.A. this week taking meetings and mapping out what he'll do next.

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