November 22, 2009

Instant Karma

In hockey, you often hear coaches singing the praises of players that score goals and then simply skate to their teammates for congratulation then head to the bench. No over the top celebration, no fist pumping, no arms thrown in the air. There's no need to rub it in the face of the opposition or show up the goaltender with corny theatrics after you've scored. In football, they actually assess a penalty for "end zone celebrations;" a rule created out of neccessity when players began to choreograph eloborate celebration routines, some of them even involving props smuggled onto the field of play. Sadly, I'm not joking about that. If this rule didn't exist, I assure you, we'd already have seen a bunch of NFL players in the endzone doing the dance routine from Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

In hockey, Don Cherry in particular would be quick to criticize players he felt celebrated their goals with two much pizzazz and not enough of humility. Countless times Cherry has shown old footage of Bobby Orr, his long time mancrush, scoring a jaw dropping end to end goal then Orr never celelbrates. In fact, he skates back to the bench looking sheepish, almost embarassed by the adulation raining down on him from the crowd. The old adage is "act like you've been their before." The simple implication being if you're this excited about scoring, it seems like maybe you've never scored before in your life and you're surprised as hell that you did it.

Check out the clip below. It is, after all, a pretty good goal, but his celebration - and the instant karma that follows - is priceless. (As an added bonus you also get a little scat)

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