November 30, 2009

Scorsese Poster Re-Designs

Ivan Vidovic is a Bosnian born, Portland-based graphic designer who was tasked with re-designing the poster art for some of Martin Scorsese's films as an assignment for class (and seemingly for a Scorsese retrospective in Portland.) This sort of thing hits me square in my nerd button. I've previously posted about a cool custom This is Spinal Tap poster that was created for a screening at the Alamo Draft House. I really love some of the posters they have commissioned. The Spinal Tap one is something I'd like to buy and I'd love to get my hands on this Blues Brothers one as well. This Shining poster is also highly flammable and they recently did a cool Halloween one as well.
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Moving on to the Scorsese re-designs, they're a mixed a bag. Vidovic, who did these posters for Portland's NorthWest Film Center who were hosting a small Scorsese retrospective, has some successes here, but also a massive miss as well. First, if we're gonna get nerdy about it, I prefer my poster re-designs to incorporate the credits at the bottom like a real movie poster, which these do not. That being said, I really like the Taxi Driver one, even though it's not terribly original. His Gangs of New York one works well and I think the Age of Innocence poster is a drastic improvement over the one sheet the studio actually used. However, his Aviator poster really doesn't work for me at all. It appears he was more interested in coming up with a design then he was in conveying anything about the movie it's supposed to be advertising.

The image of Scorsese's glasses and eyebrows at the top of this post is also the work of Vidovic. Check out a gallery of his work here.

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