December 4, 2009

Bon Anniversaire Canadiens!

Outside of my family, there's really nothing in the world I'm more passionate about then the Montreal Canadiens. That's really saying something considering my nerdy obsessive ways but the Canadiens have held a special place in my heart for literally as far back as my memory goes.

My first - and really only - hero was Guy Lafleur, who was the Canadiens great star when I was a kid. A journeyman goalie named Steve Penney - think Eddie Lebecque from Cheers - made me want to become a goaltender. Cheering for the Canadiens is a bond I share with my father and my brother; my mother told me stories as a child about having a poster of the legendary Jacques Plante on her wall. My grandfather rooted for the Canadiens. Even my best friend is a converted - but rabid - fan. His son is a fan. My daughter, who often wears her pink Canadiens pj's and a Habs toque is also following in the footsteps; my nephews too. It's difficult to put into words what being a fan really is. All I can say is that it's a strange and powerful thing.
Today marked the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens and the team capped it off by demolishing their most bitter rival, the Boston Bruins on home ice. Above is a clip that looks at some of the many special memorable, magical moments in the teams first century. That the clip is set to U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" just makes it more in my wheel house.

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