December 4, 2009

"Entourage" The Movie?

Mark Wahlberg, who moonlights as a television producer when not acting in films, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the future of his HBO series Entourage. The show, which just finished it's sixth season; and in my opinion worst season, isn't going anywhere just yet. Wahlberg, who will also be producing on the upcoming Boardwalk Empire, revealed that the Hollywood adventures of Vinnie Chase and friends will unfold on HBO for at least two more seasons. Creator/writer Doug Ellin better have some tricks up his sleeves, because it's becoming increasingly difficult to believe that these four men are still "roommates" and despite the trappings of money and fame, they're still willing, for the most part, to forsake realtionships with women to stay in a Peter Pan-esque brotherhood of hanging out and partying. Perhaps the two more seasons Wahlberg promises will address this and see the guys start to live more separate lives (somethings this past season dabbled in) and then what? Wahlberg added "We'll see; there could be more. But then, a movie."
A movie? Really? I don't really see the appeal of a movie version, unless it were to come along several years after the show was no longer on the air. Much like Sex and the City, because the show is on HBO, there are no limitations in terms of what they can say, show or do already. The series is already littered with foul language, nudity, drug use and other similar, wonderful things. Transitioning to the big screen doesn't free them up creatively in any way, so what exactly would the point of an Entourage movie be? Why not just tack an extra season on instead of making a feature film version? Also, it seems to me, that announcing this possibility so far in advance of the series actually ending means that whatever conclusion the series comes to when the television show goes off the air will feel patently phoney cause we know that they will soon be reuniting for the film version.

Season seven of Entourage is slated to air in the summer of 2010.

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