January 29, 2010

MTV Picks Up Real Life "Breakfast Club" Series

The Hollywood Reporter is uh... reporting that MTV has picked up a series called "If You Really Knew Me" which should really be called "Don't You Forget About Me" because it sounds like a reality show version of the classic teen film The Breakfast Club... which doesn't neccessarily sound like a bad thing.

The series takes five high school kids (I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and suggest they may fit neatly into familar sterotypes; one princess, one brain, one athlete, one basketcase and one criminal) and tracks them over the course of one day. The day in question is something called "Challenge Day," which The Hollywood Reporter describes as a "one-day program designed to break down barriers between different social cliques." MTV has picked up 12 episodes, but there's no word on whether the series will follow the same five kids after they've presumably made a connection during their one day together, or if the show will instead look at twelve different groups, changing each episodes.