January 30, 2010

I'm Going Back to the Shore, Bitch!

After contract negotiations that included MTV offering the cast the embarrassing pittance of $5,000 per episode (which they refused, settling for reportedly double that,) things have finally been ironed out and the juicers and guidettes are gearing up to shoot season two. In effort to strike while the iron is hot, the cast will re-locate to a warmer climate, so the title Jersey Shore will be strictly symbolic. If they waited until next summer to shoot again at the actual Jersey Shore, the show wouldn't air until next winter, and by then the fickle public might have moved passed drunk Italian stereotypes fucking and fighting. No word on where they're heading this time, but suffice to say it would have to be a place jam-packed full of touristy assholes for them to interact with (meaning for Ronnie to punch out.) I'd recommend Cancun, which while naturally beautiful, is full of the worst kind of Americans and a string of cheesy motels mixed in with the beautiful resorts. I'm sure the biggest concern is finding a hotel with the proper gym facilities, and, of course, a tanning bed.

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