January 30, 2010

Worst Movie Poster Ever?

I just saw this poster over at /Film and burst out laughing. I've truly never seen anything as amateurish as this for a major motion picture. I don't know anything about this movie other then that its cast contains Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown and T.I., so the odds are the acting is going to be terrible. But no matter how bad they are, they won't be the worst thing about this film. Take a look at that poster; first of all, forget the absurdity of Hayden Christensen looking so 'street' in his bow tie and bowler; is that not the worst photoshop work you've ever seen? Look how big Paul Walker's head is! It doesn't seem to have remotely the same lighting as the rest of his body either. Also, how is it that Idris Elba and T.I. have an intense white light shining on the right side of their faces, and yet that light magically doesn't shine on anyone else? What is the source of this light? But easily the best part is the dude
standing in the back on the right. No attempt has been made to create the illusion he's in the same room as the rest of the characters. While they are all looking at the camera, he's strangely looking off in some other direction ... and holding a glass of water. How natural. It's like they took photos of all the other actors for the poster, then later on realized they wanted him on the poster so they just used a screen grab from the movie and stuck him in there. Everyone else is trying to look bad ass, but he looks like he just heard a scary noise in the closet. Maybe it was the dude that was shining the intense light just on the side of T.I. and Elba's heads.

This truly looks like a "fan" poster done by a high school student. Hilarious shit.

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  1. This poster looks like a photoshop mockup for a 3D viewmaster reel with 3 layers of flat cardboard cutouts.