February 2, 2010

Fave Five Revenge Flicks

MTV News recently launched an all movie show, Movie Night, which airs each Thursday at the strange - or should I say unique? - time slot of 6:26pm. This past week on Movie Night, in honor of Mel Gibson's new revenge flick Edge of Darkness, we put together our 'Top Five Fave Revenge Flicks.' Really, it was just an excuse to get Jaws: The Revenge on our show, but whatever, it was worth it. It's been well over twenty years since that movie was released, but I still remember very clearly reading in Fangoria magazine about a fourth Jaws film being put into production, then, I read in stunned silence as they gave a quick plot summary: Amazingly, in this movie, the shark is getting revenge. The shark is actively searching for the Brodie family and systematically picking them off. In the movie, they relocate from the States to the Caribbean.... and the shark follows them. It's also worth pointing out that both of Jaws and Jaws 2 end with the villainous shark being killed. So in this movie, a totally different shark - the mother perhaps? - is stalking and killing the family. Absolutely amazing, and, without question, this movie has the best tagline ever. Check it out below.

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