March 31, 2010

The Best of Arnie

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't really the kind of actor that gives nuanced, complex performances. He's not known for his excellent monlogues or scenes that highlight his ability to deliver top-notch banter with another skilled actor. Hell, with his Austrian accent - which never seemed to improve throughout his career - you weren't hoping for good dialogue, you were praying for subtitles. In order to work around his weakness as an actor - acting - screenplays for his films were structured to give the heavy lifting of advancing the plot to the other actors while Arnold was given just little one-liners, sprinkled in at select junctures in
the movie. Arnie would off-somebody, then deliver a quick zinger, usually involving a pun or a "call-back" to an earlier conversation between his character and the one he's about to shoot/maim/drop off a cliff. This aspect of Arnold's career was parodied pitch perfect by the Rainier Wolfcastle character in 'The Simpsons.' The above video assembles a montage out of a whopping 160 of those lines and other bon mots from Schwarzenegger's career as a master thespian. This celebration of mediocrity in cinema runs a staggering 9:59.

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