March 30, 2010

"Scarface" As A Children's School Play

This video, that purports to be a children's school play version of Scarface, has been spreading like wildfire on the internet. Is this really a children's school play? It makes a pretty decent attempt to loo authentic, with the teacher walking a kid out on stage and the children occasionally staring into the crowd aimlessly, but surely if there were really done as a children's play the audience would be laughing their asses off, no? The biggest give away to me that this is actually a viral video is the audiences straight-faced take on the production. Also, if this was a real children's play, I can't imagine the story being so condensed. Tony pisses off his wife who leaves him, fatally shoots his brother in law, delivers his iconic line and gets murdered all in just over two minutes.

This is actually a viral video from Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, who's directed many music videos including 'Ray of Light' for Madonna, 'Beautiful Day' for U2 and the recent Lady Gaga/Beyonce video 'Telephone.' When you click the video, select the option to watch on YouTube (you get the full screen then) but you also get the comments section which is even more entertaining then the video itself. Many people seem up in arms about the notion of introducing children this age to something as violent and sleazy as Scarface. I suspect these same people would have no issue with these children being exposed to the bible, which is also violent and sleazy. To each their own.

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