March 15, 2010

The Bounty Hunter Redux

Just a slight tweak - inserting Boba Fett for Gerard Butler - and you have a movie that looks absolutely insufferable transformed into something that I would definitely go see. Speaking of The Bounty Hunter, what the hell is the deal with Jennifer Aniston's management? Can somone please help this woman pick scripts! How many shitty movies does she get to make before they stop offering her parts? How does she keep getting work after making crappy movie after crappy movie? How come she hasn't fired her agent for landing her so much shit? The only movie on her imdb that I would actually watch if I passed by it on TV is Office Space, and she's barely in that flick. How sad is it that Leprechaun is one of her better movies? This woman needs to fire her agent or retire. She's getting close to dangerous levels of suck.

Found over at /Film.

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