March 20, 2010

Jennifer Aniston: The Queen Of Suck

Earlier this week, I posted about how lousy the film's that Jennifer Aniston makes are; and how strange it is that she continues to get work despite their underwhelming performances at the box office. Her latest movie, the critically savaged Bounty Hunter (where she really spreads her wings as an actress and tries to make a romantic comedy; her eleventh, with two more currently in production) is - surprise surprise - bombing at the box-office in a big way.

Despite the movie getting a heavy marketing push; the "stars" doing the talk show circuit and really no other movie opening this weekend as competition this turkey will likely place third at the box-office this weekend, trailing Alice in Wonderland and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you're asking: "What the hell is Diary of a Wimpy Kid?" I rest my case. Why do studios keep ponying up millions and millions of dollars to make romantic comedies with Jennifer Anistion? Why does Aniston herself keep taking these gigs if the critics rip them to shit each time and the movies underperform? I could understand not wanting to leave a genre if she was in a comfort-zone and was knocking it out of the park each time, but she keeps shitting the bed and staying there.

Part of the problem might be that in every single movie she makes, she's literally giving the exact same performance. The characters she plays in movies are always identical, and even stranger, they're pretty much the same character she played on 'Friends' for several years. There's zero range to her as an actress and seemingly no desire whatsoever for her to do anything other then recycle the same "looking for love" characters. If you keep offering up the same crap over and over again and the public keeps saying no, why on earth does she keep doing it? Why do studios keep bankrolling it? I'm at an absolute loss as to how this woman keeps working. Then there's the issue of the people she works with. Her latest bomb, Bounty Hunter
was directed by Andy Tennant. Just a quick glance at his imdb page should have made it abundantly clear that this guy who is an utter failure in the romantic comedy genre. This clown has directed the following formulaic rom-com turkeys: Fool's Gold, It Takes Two, Fool's Rush In and Sweet Home Alabama. When Sweet Home Alabama is the good film on a list, you know you're looking at a really really bad list. The poster for The Bounty Hunter actually says "From the director of Hitch" as if that would somehow make people say "Holy shit, this is the latest from the Hitch guy! Let's get a ticket!" Aniston's management team surely could have looked at his resumé, looked at this lousy script, and read the audience fatigue for Aniston in romantic comedies and realized this might not be the best project for her?

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