March 20, 2010

Film Studio Gives Honest Answer

This week it was announced that a fifth Final Destination movie was in the works. While sequels in Hollywood are hardly surprising news, this one registers as a bit unexpected because the last entry in the series was titled The Final Destination and was touted as the last of the franchise. Hollywood, in it's infinite greed, has of course gone this road before. The endless Friday the 13th franchise has actually twice had a film they claimed was the last entry in the series only to change their mind and sequelize it. (Kinda sounds like The Who's farewell tours, of which they've had many.) 1984's Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter was supposed to be the death of Jason Voorhees, but less then a year later Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning was in theatres. They tried - again - to kill Jason and the series with 1993's Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. By the time the movie arrived on video, the subtitle was gone. Two sequels and a remake have followed that movie. When Alan Horn, the studio head for Warner Bros. was asked why they were making a fifth entry so shortly after saying the series was finished, he responded, rather candidly, "because we couldn't resist."
You have to give him credit for not bullshitting people and saying "We felt, creatively, there were more stories we could explore and expand the Final Destination universe." He simply looked at the box-office receipts, looked at the low budgets of the previous entries realized it would be smart business to churn out another film and try to ring a few more bucks out of the concept.

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