March 25, 2010

This Movie Looks AMAZING.

Do yourself a favour and watch this trailer right away. (Click on it to see the full screen.) The film - amazingly titled Birdemic: Shock and Terror - features horrible acting, amateurish direction, a ridiculous plot and the worst special effects I've ever seen. In short, it looks completely awesome. It can't really be overstated how incredibly, comically bad the special effects are. They kind of look like maybe the CGI effects guy took a couple of computer animation course at a Community College then decide he was all good. The director of the film is named James Nguyen and he's trademarked his own self-proclaimed title: "The Master of the Romantic Thriller." Nguyen, a 44-year old Vietnamese director, obviously has a hard-on from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Not only is this film essentially the same concept - birds attack people! - Nguyen has also cast Birds star Tippi Hedren in each of the films on his underwhelming resumé. He actually brought the film, which he shot a few years ago to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival (not because he was invited to screen the movie there, but because he thought he could sell it there.) Amazingly he brought a van, decorated with stuffed birds and covered in signs steering people to the website for the movie and one that simply read: Why did the eagles and vultures attacked? That totally sums up why I suspect this terrible film is, in fact, amazing. I gotta see this flick.
But as great as all of the aforementioned is, and how much potential this trailer shows for a fantastic good "bad movie," my favorite part of this incredible trailer is the part toward the end of the trailer where they show excerpts from reviews for Birdemic. One of them, unbelievably, is from an imdb user. That's absolutely awesome.

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