April 19, 2010

Best. Title. Ever

Above is the trailer for a film that really doesn't need a trailer at all.  The title of this film is so good that based on the title - and the title alone - you will decide, one way or the other if you want to see this film.  The trailer could have just been a static security cam shot of an empty parking lot and it wouldn't matter, because the title alone has already won me over.   This, ladies and gentlemen, is the trailer for Big Tits Zombie in 3D.

The film, from director Takao Nakano - the man who brought us Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy -  tells the story of a stripper, played by Japanese porn star Sola Aoi; who inadvertently rises the dead by foolishly reading the Book of the Dead out loud (Doesn't anybody watch the Evil Dead films in Japan?)  Porn star Aoi; who is a G-Cup, by the way.  That's not a typo, the girl is a G-cup! She clearly will be supplying the "big tits" the title suggests; follows in the footsteps of American porn princess Jenna Jameson who also made a Zombie Stripper film creatively titled Zombie Strippers.   Could this possibly be a sub-genre, the Zombie Stripper film?  I'm gonna cross my fingers.  Back to Big Tits Zombie in 3D, Aoi's mistake soon fills the town with the marauding undead on a flesh eating frenzy.  Some of the strippers get bitten, some don't, and they end up in big busted blood orgy.  You get the drill.  Among the things I love about this ridiculously over-the-top trailer is the fact that at no time does the film appear to be in 3D, nor is it ever mentioned that the film is in 3D despite the fact that the title of the film includes "in 3D."

The trailer, not surprisingly, it not safe for work.

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