April 17, 2010

"The Shining" Redux

This is four years old; and I'm sure it's already been seen by everybody countless times, but my recent post about the poster for The Shining made me think of this old gem again, and after viewing it for the first time in years I was just as impressed by it as the day I first discovered it so I decided to repost it.  This spawned countless imitators (many of them available here) but none of them approached the brilliance of this one.  This works so well not only because it apes the structure, style and even music of movie trailers, but also because it took a dark horror movie like The Shining and presented it as romantic comedy and had it work so effectively.  Other attempts to juxtaposes genres subsequent in mash ups like this always felt forced or had to cheat.  This is the real deal and is worth another look.

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