May 21, 2010

Does Neve Campbell Die in 'Scream 4?'

A few years back, when rumors began to swirl about a fourth Scream film Neve Campbell said she wasn't interested.  Not really surprising considering slasher films are usually the domain of younger actors and a decade has passed since the underwhelming Scream 3.   Horror sequel scripts are always looking for ways to resurrect the killer for the next chapter, but this became particularly difficult in the Scream series because the killer behind the Ghostface mask was a different person in each chapter.  Finding a  new viilian with a homicidal grudge against Campbell's Sidney Prescott began to wear thin but Part 3 so Campbell's reluctance was understandable. When the film was officially announced, series creator and Part 4 screenwriter Kevin Williamson tweeted his displeasure that he wouldn't have his original heroine, Sidney Prescott returning.  "Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario.  She won't do it.  This sucks."  Campbell felt that after three films, trying to milk more out of the character and the series would be pushing her luck. "We were really lucky with the Scream films to make a good trilogy.  I think it's very challenging to find other films that have done that properly, but I think it was good for me to stop there."  She went on to comment on the fourth entry: "They are going to go ahead and make a Scream 4, I guess they're casting it right now and it was offered to me; but to me, for Sidney, it just doesn't make sense."   Back in September it was revealed she had changed her mind and signed for the new sequel along with director Wes Craven, who helmed the first three movies as well and fellow original cast members Courtney Cox-Arquette and her doofus husband David Arquette.  Why the sudden change of heart?  Perhaps she was offered a cameo role to return and the chance to bury the character - literally.

Today more casting details came out with the news that Twilight-er Ashley Greene has been offered starring role in the film, playing the part of cousin of Neve Campbell's character.   If Greene has the starring role, what role does Campbell, who starred in the previous three films play?   Last month Wes Craven told Entertainment Weekly that in the new film, set ten years after the events of the last entry, Sidney Prescott is now a successful writer who has put her life back together after traumatic events of the original films until she encounters Ghostface once again. "She has to confront him again, but now as a woman who has really come out of the darkness of her past."  I suspect that confrontation will end with her on the wrong end of his butcher knife.   There's been much talk of the new film setting up a new trilogy, and with the trepidation that Campbell showed in returning for Part 4, I suspect her signing on for a potential Part 5 and 6 might be a long shot, not to mention the studio wants a younger cast.  It's difficult to make a dead teenager movie with a bunch of actors pushing forty.  Like Drew Barrymore in the original, I think it's quite likely that Sidney Prescott will bleed out before the opening credits finish.   Speaking of bleeding out,  some of the fresh meat was also revealed today with the news that  roles had been offered to 'Heroes' hottie Hayden Panettiere; Lake Bell from 'How to Make it in America' and the forever awkward looking Rory Culkin. 

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