May 14, 2010

The Drive for Five Still Alive?

I just recently posted about Rambo V's demise; the sequel fell victim to ten-time sequel star Sylvester Stallone's sudden epiphany that he no longer wanted to make "unnecessary sequels."    Stallone said he was "99.9% sure" that a fifth film in the series wasn't going to happen.   But is it possible that the sequel happy star has already changed his mind?  /Film reported today that Millennium Films/Nu Image, the production company that owns the series rights was advertising the fifth film (with cover art clearly using Sylvester Stallone) as a 2011 release.  It would seem someone here isn't telling the truth.  Seems like it would be odd for Stallone to publicly talk about not wanting to beat that dead horse, only to have it publicly announced a couple of weeks later that he was returning to the character.  Millennium Films/Nu Image can't continue the franchise without Stallone, and their poster art (which can be seen to the left and is identical to the teaser image released for the previous incarnation of Part V, the one subtitled Savage Hunt just without the "beast" in the background.  Check it out here) has him as the central image so they don't appear to be headed that route anyway.  The only way I could see Stallone suddenly deciding that doing a fifth Rambo was a good idea is if he was getting really bad advance buzz for his upcoming The Expendables.  If he thought he was soon heading back into movie star exile due to an $80 million turkey to his credit, he might suddenly reach for the headband out of desperation.   But if it's just a fledgling studio trying to create some buzz with a warmed-over phantom project from a fading Hollywood brand, well, that's just sad.  

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