June 27, 2010

New 'Inception' Trailer

Finally, this weekend, I saw a summer movie that was truly, undeniably, good: Toy Story 3.   Because it was a Part 3, I hadn't given it much of a chance of being the best movie of the summer, but I was more then happy to be proven wrong...  so far.  After a very disappointing slate of movies this summer that seem to have come and gone in record time (it seems like Iron Man 2 came out two years ago its so long gone from the pop culture radar) it's refreshing to see a truly solid summer movie, though the excitement is slightly tempered by the fact that it's sequel to a sequel.  My great white hope for the summer, the movie I've most been looking forward to, is just over two weeks away, Christopher Nolan's Inception.  Above is the latest trailer, and the more I see of this movie the more excited I get.  I've endeavored to avoid reading about the movie and have only watched the trailers in an effort to see the film with as clean a slate as possible.  This new trailer, like the many that have come before it, looks sensational.  If this film is successful, rising from the ashes of many crashed sequels, reboots and comic book properties; perhaps it will help green light some other fresh, original projects.  Inception arrives in theatres July 16th.