July 1, 2010

So Lame

The new installment in the Final Destination series, which is in production right now,  has been going by the not-so-original title Final Destination 5.   They've now changed it to something more original but much, much stupider. The new title is 5nal Destination.  I'm not kidding; that's the title; Fivenal Destination.  If you squint your eyes, it kinda looks like Anal Destination. This idiotic title solidifies my opinion that the marketing teams in Hollywood are now officially running things - and that's not a good sign. The series has already established itself as being a little weird in the naming department already. The first film was called Final Destination and the first two sequels simply added a number after the title.  The last entry was called The Final Destination.  The clever people at the studio added "The" to the title because it was purported to be the last installment.   After it brought in a nice return at the box office, the studio changed their minds about closing the door on the series and put a fifth movie into production and now they've saddled it with this idiotic title.

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