July 5, 2010

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Despite my obsessive movie nerdiness, I don't have a favorite movie insult, though Glengary Glen Ross contains several contenders.   The above video, courtesy todaysbigthing covers that flick (though misses a few I would have selected) and many others in a lengthy assembly of insult slinging in movies.  Another movie that makes the grade, and very deservedly, is Stanely Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.  The drill saergent played by R. Lee Emery (an actual retired Marines drill instructor) delivers hilarious strings of profanties and put downs in the movie.  It's a long video - there are, after all one hundred different options - but its worth checking out and it contains several scenes* that I remember well but can't place the movie they are from.

* It's worth noting, by the way, that some of the insults that are being celebrated are in fact, not exactly as they appeared in the original films.  The person responsible for putting this together, in some cases, abbreviated the original insults, I assume for brevity and pacing.  For example, the image you see above is from a classic put down from the Adam Sandler film Billy Madison.   The clip that is used is a trimmed version of the original remark, edited down to remove some of the wording that indicated it was a quiz show answer that was being insulted.

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